Trucks and tractor-trailers operation in unique and tough conditions. Long hours of use and exposure to dirt, grime, sand, salt and the elements means that truck equipment can become damaged and perform badly. The cost of repairs or replacement can be substantial in terms of both money and time.

Duo Guardable provides truck accessories and tractor-trailer accessories to prevent unnecessary damage to connection couplings and reduce wasted time spent cleaning couplings and hoses.

The Duo Guardable  covers comprise of a heavy-duty material protective cover that fits over the couplings and seals the connection. Because it’s protected from exposure to the elements, the connection remains clean and free of damage, reducing coupling and uncoupling times and improving the performance of the couplings.

Duo Guardable trucking accessories also prevent air hoses from wearing and splitting and reduce the cost of damage and repairs to parts.

The coupling covers are available in a number of sizes for air and hydraulic systems and can be tailor-made for different applications including as train coupling coversearthmoving equipment safety accessories and select 4×4 accessories and vehicles. They can also be made to various sizes upon request.

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