Four-wheel driving or 4×4 is a popular pastime for many across Australia and the USA. Both countries have unique and diverse terrains to explore, from desert, stunning gorges, mountain ranges, expansive rivers, coastal waters, rocky headlines and more.

While it’s exciting to take in the sights on a 4×4 journey, the conditions you are travelling in can take a toll on your vehicle. You need strong and reliable 4×4 accessories to ensure your vehicle is well protected from the damage that can be caused by dirt, mud, debris and grime. Trailer hitch covers from Duo Guardable provide just such protection.

In particular, coupling points can become clogged and worn over time if they are not protected, causing problems when coupling and uncoupling, as well as issues with successful connectivity. Hitch covers and trailer accessories really are a necessity when heading off-road.

The Duo Guardable product is a tow hitch cover that was developed in Australia to protect coupling points and keep them clean, making coupling and uncoupling easier and quicker. To protect your vehicle, shop for your hitch accessories from Duo Guardable before your next 4×4 trip.

With various sizes available, the Duo Guardable coupling covers can also be used on all heavy machinery, trucks or trains with air or hydraulic connections. Shop here for your train coupling cover, trailer hitch covers and 4×4 accessories.