Trains operate in unique and often tough environments, with long hours of constant use and exposure to the elements.

As a result, damage to vehicle parts can cause substantial costs for any repairs or replacements that are required. The Duo Guardable train coupling cover offers multipurpose protection for coupling connections against dirt, debris, grime, sand and general exposure to the elements.

This Australian-developed product is designed to provide train coupling protection that will prevent unnecessary damage to parts and reduce wasted time spent cleaning couplings and hoses. The heavy duty protective Duo Guardable covers simply slips over the end of the couplings and seals the connection, thereby offering protection against dirt and grime.

Use of the train coupling guards to protect connections has many benefits including:

  • Ease of uncoupling
  • Decreasing wear and tear on air hoses
  • Reducing coupling and uncoupling times
  • Improving the performance of couplings.

Duo Guardable coupling covers are available in a range of sizes to suit not only train parts but also truck safety equipment, tractor trailer accessories and select 4×4 accessories.