It’s hard to imagine an environment more dusty, muddy and dirty than a mining or building site. Earth moving and mining equipment is constantly subjected to the elements while in use as well as when it is stored outdoors.

While not a new problem, the cost of repairing and replacing hydraulic and air system couplings is substantial and the larger the machine, the greater the cost. Adequate protection of machinery, however, can greatly reduce this cost. Duo Guardable is a mining equipment coupling cover and earthmoving equipment coupling cover that protects the coupling points with a protective cover to seal the connection. The coupling covers provides protection against dirt, debris, road grime, sand, coal and more.

Use of these mining accessories will dramatically shorten coupling and uncoupling times as there is no longer the need to spend time cleaning the parts to allow for ease of coupling an

d uncoupling and they also improve the performance of the connection.

Shop for Duo Guardable earthmoving and mining safety equipment here online. Duo Guardable also supplies the coupling covers in various sizes as trucks and tractor-trailer accessories and select 4×4 accessories and can be custom-made where required. You can also contact us for more information or to discuss a bulk order.