The Duo Guardable coupling cover provides protection against dirt, debris, mud, sand, road grime and corrosion-causing chemicals such as salt, cement and cleaning chemicals. These clever truck accessories also prevent mudwasps from building nests around couplings! Our Duo Guardable coupling covers provide protection of trimatics, duomatic, gladhands, suzi coils and hydraulic couplings and hoses for:

Made from the highest-quality material for ultimate durability and protection, our Duo Guardable truck safety equipment is:

  • Weatherproof and UV resistant
  • Temperature resistant down to minus 20 degrees Celsius or minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Australian made
  • Internationally patented design
  • Available in yellow for safety .

Whether your heavy machinery or vehicle is coupled to moving vehicles in transitĀ or is stationary and left uncoupled and exposed to external factors, Duo Guardable coupling covers offer protection for all connections and hoses.

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For 4×4 Vehicles

Four-wheel driving or 4×4 is a popular pastime for many across Australia and the USA. Both countries have unique and diverse terrains to explore, from desert, stunning gorges, mountain ranges, expansive rivers, coastal waters, rocky headlines and more. While it’s exciting to take in the sights on a 4×4 journey, the conditions you are travelling...
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For Trains

Trains operate in unique and often tough environments, with long hours of constant use and exposure to the elements. As a result, damage to vehicle parts can cause substantial costs for any repairs or replacements that are required. The Duo Guardable train coupling cover offers multipurpose protection for coupling connections against dirt, debris, grime, sand...
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For Trucks & Tractor-Trailers

Trucks and tractor-trailers operation in unique and tough conditions. Long hours of use and exposure to dirt, grime, sand, salt and the elements means that truck equipment can become damaged and perform badly. The cost of repairs or replacement can be substantial in terms of both money and time. Duo Guardable provides truck accessories and...
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For Earthmoving & Mining Equipment

It’s hard to imagine an environment more dusty, muddy and dirty than a mining or building site. Earth moving and mining equipment is constantly subjected to the elements while in use as well as when it is stored outdoors. While not a new problem, the cost of repairing and replacing hydraulic and air system couplings...
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The Duo Guardable coupling covers was developed to protect the air and hydraulic couplings on a range of different vehicles and applications, including 4×4 accessories, trucks and tractor-trailers, earth moving and mining equipment and even as a train coupling cover. We produce the coupling covers in a range of sizes to suit many different vehicles...
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Ice and Salt Coupling Cover

Coupling Covers ideal for snow ploughs There’s an old saying that tells usĀ that skating on thin ice is dangerous. Imagine how much more dangerous it is when driving a truck with ice and snow covering the road. Well, this is a common occurrence in many US states and the whole of Canada as well as...
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